Why buy HEPA filter vacuum cleaners?

There are many good reasons for buying a HEPA filter cleaner if you suffer from allergy and asthma attacks. Allergens are everywhere, especially in house dust. Common allergens include dust-mite faeces, cat allergens, household dust, pollen fragments, fungi spores, mold spores that collect in carpets, flooring, curtains and upholstery. See the Why do you need clean air in your home article

The allergen removal efficiency of a normal hoover is limited. And it may blow the allergens it does pick up back into the room.

HEPA filters catch small particulate material which are known to cause problems for people who suffer from allergies, asthma attacks or other respiratory problems. If the amount of particulate matter can be reduced, symptoms are eased in the vast majority of cases.

Central Vacuums

If allergens area serious problem for you, then perhaps normal HEPA filter vacuums are not for you. You may prefer to elect for a central vacuum where there is no possibility that allergens can be exhausted back into the room.

These types of vacuums are stationery. The motor is much more powerful than a normal vacuum and dust and dirt is either collected in a container usually situated in a garage or basement, or expelled to the outside of the home.

In recent years, the hoses for cental vacuums have become a lot lighter and easier to manage. However, the range of tools offered is limited and you need to store them separately.

Central vacuums are also costly to install and require a professional central vacuum fitter.