HEPA vacuum buying tips

If you are considering buying a HEPA vacuum, there are several key factors to take into condsideration:

  • Make sure that the vacuum you are interested in buying is actually a proper HEPA filter vacuum. HEPA-like filters are not a effective as a proper HEPA filter. Check that the vacuum you are buying has the HEPA date printed on the side.
  • The filter needs to be lightweight and completely sealed to avoid dust and other particulate matter being recycled into the atmosphere.
  • The machine needs to be easy to use and come with a variety of accessories that can be used on all types of surfaces in your home.
  • The motor must be powerful enough to thoroughly clean the surfaces and remove all dust and allergens.
  • The machine comes with a manufacturer's guarantee (preferably a lifetime guarantee).
  • The vacuum should come with an indicator to say when the dust bag or canister needs to be emptied.

Before you buy, HEPA vacuum cleaners should be thoroughly researched. The more information you have on all the models available, the better informed your buying decision.